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 Tom’s Garden review from - Headliner magazine

Hey! Welcome to our website. 
Here you can find the dates we are playing, enquire to book us for public or private events, find links to see what we are up to on our social media and listen to recordings of our original music.

A bit about us...

Katie and Juan met in 2010 when Katie joined the covers band from St.Albans - CoJones. Juan was the lead singer and guitarist and Katie joined as female lead singer. They became very busy performing all kinds of gigs across the UK.
Having previously performed as a solo artist, Katie was getting bookings for more stripped back events that didn't require a full band and so eventually Katie Plus Juan(one) was formed. Both singer songwriters, Katie and Juan would incorporate their own songs and styles into their cover sets.

One night whilst performing at a private party for the Stereophonic's, Katie and Juan were encouraged by Kelly and Richard to record their own music and make an album. Having mainly worked as a duo on cover material they hadn’t thought to combine their writing to make an original record. This was the push they needed, and in 2017 they released their debut album 'Tom's Garden' and since then the Ep 'Equals' and acoustic album 'Solitaire'.
Over the years their sound has developed and grown. Katie plays guitar, cajon, kick drum and percussion. Juan plays guitar and bass guitar. They both share the lead vocals and have very strong, soulful voices that work seamlessly together - after working closely for so long. The recent addition of a saxophone player elevates their set and is a great choice for parties and events. look out for Marco, Mike, George and Carlo! (Marco is featured in the illustration)

They have become known and loved for their clever and surprising mashups, big versatile sound, fantastic voices and wide reaching set lists. A very popular choice for weddings, festivals, parties but also more intimate settings too. They tailor their set list and sound for the occasion and venue.


Katie Plus Juan can be found playing live every week at all sorts of venues and events - so keep an eye out!


In summer 2024, after much demand from fans, Katie Plus Juan will be recording a covers album of their best mash ups. 

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